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We all age in different ways. As we age, our ability to perform tasks of daily living become more challenging. Eventually your desire to provide quality care for an elderly parent, family member or friend means specialized care. This is especially true for a individual who suffers from Alzheimer's or other age-related dementia. After consulting an elder care professional, a memory care home may be the most appropriate and loving option.


People who benefit most from the memory care option are those with diminished cognitive abilities to:


  • Be aware of, reasonably assess, and maintain their own safety (wandering, driving, etc.)
  • Adequately choose and prepare for their own nutritional needs
  • Take prescribed medications appropriately
  • Perform other tasks of daily living, such as caring for their own personal hygiene, dressing or undressing, managing money or personal effects
  • Interact in socially suitable ways


A memory care home is designed for people who can no longer live on their own, yet don’t require the intensive 24-hour care of a nursing home. Residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible with dignity. All this is done while a caring staff provides a safe and secure environment.


The best memory care facilities are easy for residents to navigate between private and common areas. The complex should be clean and well-maintained. Doors are locked or alarmed to prevent wandering. Outdoor patios and walkways are enclosed, yet allow residents easy access.


Look for care team members to be professionally dressed and easily identifiable. Key people of the care team are licensed and available every shift. Watch the staff members as they interact with the residents. Each person should be treated with dignity and respect.




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Where to Find Us:

Hidden Meadow Memory Care

240 Hidden Meadow Lane

Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Phone: 1-406-897-1017


Why Choose Us?

  • Located on a Serene 12 Acres in the Country
  • 32 Bed facility
  • 8 Bed facility
  • Near Towns and Hospitals
  • Specialized Memory Care Home
  • We Provide a Warm Friendly Homey Atmosphere
  • Secured Environment With Monitors in Each Room
  • 24/hr Secured Home
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Licensed Nurses
  • We Offer Programs Tailored to Each Resident and Their Needs
  • We Work With You To Create Individualized Care Plans For Your Loved Ones
  • 26+ Years of Experience in Geriatrics and Extensive Work with Alzheimers Disease and Other Related Dementias
  • Competitively Priced
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